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How to Go Green in the Office

You might not think it, but offices are maybe the least green places you could imagine. Many offices are actually a big source of waste in terms of rubbish and energy. On a daily basis, a single office for one person could result in a lot of paper waste taken from the small bin next to the desk. And that’s simply considering the bin. There are quite a few ways to have a greener office that requires less dealing with waste. Here are some of them:

  • Digitalise. Everything is electronic nowadays, so you could go digital as well. Leave paper as a thing in the past and make office cleaning much easier.
  • Natural Lighting. Since you are working in daytime, use the light coming from the windows to lower energy waste.
  • Use fluorescent light bulbs. Less energy waste, almost the same lighting. They last longer, which also makes them cost-effective.
  • Furnish second hand. When furnishing the office, visit the flea market and buy from there. Do some upholstery cleaning to revitalise your purchase and some carpet cleaning to make the floors look brand new. Nobody will know that your furniture is second hand and you will be greener.
  • Use reusables. Surely your pen could be the type that gets refilled instead of the single-use types which becomes plastic waste.
  • Get plants. Decorate the office with some plants. If you are doing everything else green, they should stay green, so they could be a type of indicator for the good work you are doing with keeping the office clean and green.
  • Buy eco paper. Don’t buy brand new paper; buy the environmentally-friendly type, one made of recycled paper which can be recycled again when the time comes. This lowers your carbon footprint.
  • Recycle. And speaking of recycling, when is the last time you did that? After office cleaning, you should have all the rubbish recycled instead of dumped in the landfill.

Going green is simple – staying green is the challenge. Even if you do the above, you have to focus on keeping up with those tendencies and keeping the office in a clean and green state. It is not hard, it merely takes some effort and consistency.