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About Us

We are a company started few years ago. London Eco Cleaners benefits from a strong team of experienced and dedicated professionals. Our specialists benefit from vast wealth of knowledge regarding materials and cleaning techniques, all members of our management team are degreed in Chemical Engineering and have significant work experience within the industry. For years we have studied and implemented the advantages and shortfalls of cleaning materials and we know in depth all their negative ecological aspects.

We have come to realise that if we want to protect our environment, we should start with changing our day-to-day habits and lifestyle, including the way we clean our homes. It is something that everyone can contribute in. It is amazing how much damage we do cleaning. To achieve better, quicker and long-lasting results most of the modern detergents include highly aggressive components, inflicting serious ecological damage.

London Eco Cleaners is a business representation of a very simple idea –"have a clean, sparkling home in an environmental friendly and affordable way". We have decided to use in our business only 100% natural and ecologically clean products.

Together we can make the difference – let’s start with your home.