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London Eco Cleaners is a well established cleaning agency with growing presence on the challenging cleaning market. We operate complete range of tailored environmental friendly cleaning services.

Our team of highly skilled, dedicated experts is one of the company's main advantages. London Eco Cleaners reputation and feedback are second to none and our qualities are respected not only by our clients and partners, but also by our competitors.

We have been on the market for over 3 years now, and they have been really successful for us. Developing and implementing our business vision for outstanding quality cleaning services and 100% ecological cleaning solutions received excellent response and was embraced by our customers London Eco Cleaners is rapidly expanding in this really intense environment and we consider as essential part of our vision and business development strategy to deliver uncompromised cleaning service and enjoy the health and environmental benefits of using an eco friendly cleaning chemicals and techniques. London Eco Cleaners – together for our better future.

Latest from our blog

How to Choose An Efficient End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service

If you are renting the home you are moving out of, the most obvious reason for this question is that you want to get your security deposit back. If you leave a mess, the owners will be forced to hire acarpet cleaners to clean up the mess that you left. This will cost them money, as well as void your security deposit. It will cost you less money to hire an end of tenancy cleaning service than to lose your entire security deposit. If you own your home and are selling it, then a professional carpet cleaning service will help you sell your home. By removing any trace of yourself from the home, you are giving a new family the chance to create their own home. Even before that, cleaner, prettier homes sell faster than dingy, dirty homes.... Read more

What are the eco benefits of recycling?

The best benefit of recycling is you can claim that you’re contributing to the betterment of the global environment. We will discuss below the major benefits of recycling rubbish, though recycling has a lot of eco-benefits... Read more